Online Medical Records

MyPatientVisit Patient Portal

Welcome! Midwest Eye Institute is pleased to introduce you to MyPatientVisit Patient Portal, where you can access your eye care records with your Midwest Eye provider via the web at any time, no matter where you are. You will need to request an identity code and choose a security question from your Midwest Eye provider in order to gain access to your personal and secure electronic medical record.

The Patient Portal is intended as a secure online means for you to access your medical record. Please remember that if you choose to share your user name and password with another person, that person can access your medical record the same way that you can. Midwest Eye Institute assumes no responsibility concerning a breach of your personal health information resulting from any action you take, including but not limited to you sharing or losing your user name and password.

Disclaimer: Do not use the Patient Portal as a way to contact your provider if you have a medical emergency. If you have a true emergency, please dial 911 to reach your local Emergency Medical Services, or contact the hospital emergency room nearest you.

MyPatientVisit Patient Portal User Guide