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It is important to keep in mind that not every sub-specialty is represented at both our Midwest Eye locations. Please be certain to clarify the location of every appointment you make with one of our talented providers – whether you are making your very first appointment, returning for a follow up visit, or even if you are another medical provider making an appointment on behalf of one of your patients.

Below is a list of direct dial phone numbers for each Midwest Eye Institute practice. Please feel free to contact any one of these practice offices directly.

Corneal and Eye Disease
Robert D. Deitch, MD
Stephen M. Johnson, MD
Jennifer M. Nottage, MD

Fax: 317-817-1767

Vitreoretinal Disease and Surgery
Thomas A. Ciulla, MD

Neil P. Finnen, MD

Fax 317-817-1898

Vitreoretinal Disease and Surgery
Nicholas F. Hrisomalos, MD
Frank N. Hrisomalos, MD


Fax 317-817-1511

Vitreoretinal Disease and Surgery
Raj K. Maturi, MD
Stephen J. Saxe, MD

Fax 317-805-4587

Vitreoretinal Disease and Surgery
John T. Minturn, MD

317-817-1586, toll-free 1-766-700-3937
Fax 317-817-1399

Fax 317-805-4579

Pediatric Ophthalmology
Daniel E. Neely, MD
David A. Plager, MD
Gavin J. Roberts, MD
Derek T. Sprunger, MD


Midwest Glaucoma Associates
Hemang C. Patel, MD
Robert M. Troyer, MD

Fax 317-817-1777

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery &
Interface Aesthetic Surgery Group

Richard A. Burgett, MD
Scott R. Hobson, MD
Ronald T. Martin, MD
Michael G. Welsh, MD

317-817-1976, toll-free 1-800-237-6028
Fax 317-817-1737